[efcb-section-conference layout=” ” import=” ” title=”NCT South America 2018″ title_line_2=”” subtitle=” W BOGOTA HOTEL, 13-14 FEBRUARY 2018″ description=” ” promo_text=”Come aboard, as we embark on the first edition of our NCT South America event! The event will build upon the legacy of the NCT event series already hosted in Europe, the USA, Asia, the Middle East and will take place from 13-14 Feb 2018 at the W Hotel in Bogota, Colombia. NCT South America 2018 will host the famous NCT conference, a vibrant exhibition and an exquisite networking reception and is an event not to be missed.” view_text=”Register now!” view_url=”” hide_register_button=” ” date=”02/13/2017 00:00″ hide_calendar=” ” date_countdown=”02/13/2018 00:00″ youtube_code=”″ background_image_desktop=”” background_image_tablet=” ” background_image_mobile=” ” id=”ui-id-5-1501852537930123″ entities=””][/efcb-section-conference][efcb-section-news title_icon=” fa-newspaper-o” title=” Event news” view_all_button_text=” more news” view_all_button_url=”” id=”ui-id-3-150185282470413″ entities=”1638,1659,1621″][/efcb-section-news][efcb-section-map title_icon=” fa-map-o” title=”NCT South America map” zoom=” ” id=”ui-id-6-150185284884141″ entities=”1390″][/efcb-section-map][efcb-section-calltoaction title_icon=” fa-user-plus” title=” Book your delegate pass” image=”” background_image_tablet=”” background_image_mobile=”” button_text=”and join the world’s leading CBRNe experts” button_url=”” id=”ui-id-5-1501853790590168″][/efcb-section-calltoaction][efcb-section-twitter-wrap title_icon=”fa-twitter-square” title=”NCT South America on Twitter” hashtag=”NCTSA” tweets_count=”4″ load_more=”More #NCTSA” id=”ui-id-6-1501854907747188″][/efcb-section-twitter-wrap][efcb-section-fullsponsors title=” Sponsors” tier_class=”sponsors__item_gold” id=”ui-id-7-150358661760760″ entities=”546″][/efcb-section-fullsponsors]