Why Sponsor?

Sponsoring or exhibiting at the most prestigious Non-Conventional Threat (NCT) CBRNe and C-IED/EOD events is the most certain way to get maximum exposure, meet the right people and win business. IB Consultancy works in partnership with governments, militaries and academic organisations for the design, planning and implementation of all of our NCT events. This ensures that our events are timely, well supported at the national and international level and have the full backing of industry leading associations.



Top quality programs

With more high-level speakers than any commercial CBRNe or C-IED/EOD event. We guarantee participation from relevant end-user organisations and government delegations to maximize networking opportunities. Our NCT events include the most interesting CBRNe and C-IED/EOD live demonstrations by CBRNe responders and military.

All inclusive exhibiting

Exhibiting at an NCT event is a complete package, whether you book a standard exhibition package or a diamond sponsorship: all you need to do is bring your exhibition it and show up.

Quality branding at a quality event

Being part of the most prestigious CBRNe and C-IED/EOD events series means you will be associated with high quality venues, top decision makers and amazing networking opportunities.

Meeting your clients in the perfect environment

Meet your clients in a relaxed and informal way during the famous NCT Party. Furthermore, with a premium sponsorship package, you have an excellent toolkit in hand to meet your prospective clients.

Demonstrating your equipment

NCT events offer the opportunity to demonstrate your equipment in the live demonstrations.

High quality venues

NCT events always take place in either a 5 star hotel or are part of an established exhibition.

Visibility like no other event

The NCT events series, and its sponsors and exhibitors, are promoted in over 25 publications per event.

The most innovative sponsorship packages in the industry and tailor made solutions. You can always ask us to provide you with a package that is tailor made for your needs.

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