Fully Funded Harvard Radcliffe Institute Fellowship 2024 in the United States

Are you an exceptional scientist, writer, scholar, public intellectual, or artist whose work is making a difference in your professional field and the larger world? If so, the Harvard Radcliffe Institute Fellowship offers you an extraordinary opportunity to further your research and creative endeavors. This prestigious fellowship program provides a fully funded experience to fellows, allowing them to explore their projects in a sanctuary located in the heart of Harvard University.

The Harvard Radcliffe Institute Fellowship is a highly coveted opportunity for individuals who seek to dive deeply into their chosen projects and develop new ideas in an interdisciplinary and creative environment. The fully funded fellowship not only provides financial support but also grants access to Harvard’s unparalleled resources, enabling fellows to challenge conventional approaches and make groundbreaking contributions to their fields.

Radcliffe Fellowship Program

The Radcliffe Fellowship Program is designed to foster a uniquely interdisciplinary and creative community. Located in Radcliffe Yard, the fellowship offers a sanctuary for fellows to step away from their usual routines and immerse themselves in their projects. This environment encourages collaboration and innovation, allowing fellows to explore their work from new perspectives.

Harvard’s Unparalleled Resources

One of the key advantages of the Harvard Radcliffe Institute Fellowship is the access it provides to Harvard’s extensive resources. Fellows have the opportunity to utilize the university’s libraries, archives, and research facilities to develop new tools and methods. This access to a vast intellectual network and rich scholarly traditions empowers fellows to challenge artistic and scholarly conventions, fostering the advancement of their respective fields.

Fellowship Application Process

The application process for the 2024–2025 fellowship year is now open. Aspiring fellows can apply online, ensuring that they meet the deadlines for their respective fields. The deadline for applications in humanities, social sciences, and creative arts is September 14, 2023, while the deadline for applications in science, engineering, and mathematics is October 5, 2023.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Radcliffe supports engaged scholarship. They welcome applications from scholars, artists, and practitioners proposing innovative work that confronts pressing social and policy issues and seeking to engage audiences beyond academia.
  • Applicants from throughout the world are encouraged to apply.
  • Applicants in the humanities and social sciences must:
    • Have received their doctorate (or appropriate terminal degree) in the area of their proposed project at least two years prior to their appointment as a fellow.
    • Have published a monograph or at least two articles in refereed journals or edited collections.

Community and Collaboration

Fellows at Radcliffe convene regularly to share their work in progress. This collaborative environment brings together individuals from diverse disciplines and perspectives, allowing them to challenge each other’s ideas and support each other’s ambitions. Many fellows consider their time at Radcliffe to be the best year of their professional lives, as the community provides an unparalleled level of intellectual stimulation and camaraderie.

Fellowship Specifications

The Radcliffe Fellowship Program awards 50 fellowships each academic year, providing opportunities for individual applicants or groups of two to three individuals working on the same project. The fellowship program emphasizes diversity along various dimensions, including discipline, career stage, race and ethnicity, country of origin, gender and sexual orientation, and ideological perspective. The strength of the fellowship lies in the demonstrated excellence, collegiality, and creativity of its fellows.

Engaged Scholarship

Radcliffe supports engaged scholarship that addresses pressing social and policy issues. The fellowship program welcomes proposals from scholars and artists who seek to engage audiences beyond academia. Applicants are encouraged to focus on the Institute’s areas of interest, including women, gender, and society, as well as the climate crisis and its disproportionate impacts on marginalized or under-resourced communities. Additionally, proposals related to the legacies of slavery are also welcomed.

Interdisciplinary Exchange

Interdisciplinary exchange is a hallmark of the Radcliffe fellowship. The fellowship program encourages proposals that take advantage of the diverse intellectual community at Radcliffe, engaging with concepts and ideas that cross disciplinary boundaries. This cross-pollination of knowledge and perspectives enriches the fellowship experience and fosters groundbreaking research and creative projects.

Length of Fellowship and Funding

The fellowship runs from September 2024 to May 2025, providing fellows with ample time to delve deeply into their projects. Selected fellows receive a stipend of $78,000, along with an additional $5,000 to cover project expenses. For US citizens or permanent residents affiliated with US-based home institutions, the stipend can be paid through the home institution or directly to the fellow. Additionally, Radcliffe Fellows may be eligible for relocation, housing, and childcare funds, ensuring a smooth transition to Radcliffe. Health care support is also provided as needed, and hourly wages for Harvard undergraduate research partners can be covered.


  1. Can I apply as an individual or in a group for the Harvard Radcliffe Institute Fellowship?

    Yes, the fellowship program allows both individual applications and applications from groups of two to three individuals working on the same project.

  2. What is the duration of the fellowship?

    The fellowship runs from September 2024 to May 2025, providing ample time for fellows to delve deeply into their projects.

  3. What stipend will I receive if selected as a Harvard Radcliffe Fellow?

    Selected fellows receive a stipend of $78,000, along with an additional $5,000 to cover project expenses.

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